Londoner of the Day: Thavarani Nagulendram

Londoner of the Day goes to a woman who runs a vital help service for Tamils living in London which does not get a penny of state help,

Thavarani Nagulendram leads the Tamil Community Centre, which has three bases in Hounslow, Harrow and Ealing.

More than 5,000 came for help last year with problems as diverse as poor health, money worries and domestic violence.

The latter is a serious concern for Hounslow resident Mrs Nagulendram, because cultural norms make it very hard for victims to speak out.

Cash is a constant concern too. Around £10,000 must be raised each year in order to keep the lights on. That is a challenge with no outside funding.

That is why Mrs Nagulendram is a well-deserved winner of a London Star award from the Mayor of London, in conjunction with

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